Triple Shadow

Eye shadow for easy gradation makeup for beginners.

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Item Code : M6167
Size : 2g
Price : SGD 13.90 SGD 12.50
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  • ■  Easy and perfect color gradation for beginners
    Without a brush or a shadow tip, anyone can do perfect eye makeup only with MISSHA Triple Shadow using a finger.
    ■  Soft and smooth texture
    Containing Argon oil, it is applied softy and smoothly without dust and with high-adherence by one-touch for natural make up.
    ■  Cost-effective configuration
    Three colors are built into one container for applying any kind of color combination as desired.
    No.4 Chocolate Brown
    a) Using finger
    1. Using your index finger, gently slide it from left to right on the shadow to take 3 colors evenly on the finger. (If you want to reveal darker color, put your index finger on the shadow and slide it from side to side several times.)
    2. Put finger on the eyelid and gently apply content from side to side.
    3. Your 5-second speedy eye makeup is completed with natural gradation!
    b) Using brush
    If you apply a single color by using your finger, colors next to it may be mixed with it. In this case, it is recommended to use a shadow brush or a shadow tip.

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