Time Revolution Immortal Youth Blue Essence

A total anti-aging essence to help promote youthful-looking complexion.

Item Code : M2777
Size : 80ml
Price : SGD 52.90 SGD 47.60
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  •   Permeates deeper and faster with ultrafine size
    Anti-aging ingredient with ultrafine particle size that is 0.2 micron permeates to the skin faster and deeper, promoting glowing skin with only one touch.
    ■  8 kinds of effective anti-aging function!
    A capsule made of phospholipid, one of the skin components, locks the anti-aging ingredients to the skin, promoting 8 kinds highly effective dramatic changes to the skin.
    ■  Long lasting benefit with structure of multilayer liposome, Lecithin

    General essence product usually provides the active ingredients to the skin all at once when it touches the skin; however, Immortal Youth Blue Essence with liposome structure like an onion prolongs the effect since it delivers the active ingredients step by step.
    Main Ingredients:
    After washing face, take an appropriate amount by pumping 2~3 times and softly roll from the inside to the outside of the face until fully absorbed. 

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