Near Skin Egg White Pack

A sleek mask pack to make skin glow and sleek by tightening pores with egg white extract.

Item Code : M7432
Size : 100ml
Price : SGD 19.90
Qty :
  • (1) Sleek skin like a peeled boiled egg

    Abundant albumin extracted from egg white helps tighten the pores and make skin sleek and smooth.

    (2) Removing waste and sebum

    Deeply cleanses waste and sebum in skin with mild heat effect.

    (3) Radiant and vital skin

    Rice extract and Vita 3 complex helps make dull skin look radiant and revitalized.

    Main Ingredients:


    1. Take an appropriate amount.
    2. Massage gently with fingers until its transparent content turns white.
    3. After massaging for 3~5mins, wash off thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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