24K Collagen Intensive Rich Cream

Premium special cream containing collagen and 24K gold to help improve skin elasticity.

Item Code : I2096
Size : 50ml
Price : SGD 79.90 SGD 71.00
Qty :

  • Nourishing cream containing 24K gold which helps provide radiance and vitality to skin and its highly enriched texture containing total collagen complex helps restore skin resiliency.

    1. Concept
    Premium special ream containing collagen and 24K gold helps improve skin elasticity.

    2. Descriptions
    Premium special cream series which contains collagen and 24K gold that improves skin elasticity. <95% pure gold 5,000 + Marine Collagen™ 10%>

    3. Directions
    After MISSHA 24K Fill Up Corrector, apply an appropriate amount over the face and pat lightly to make it absorb better.

    STEP: MISSHA 24K Fill Up Corrector -> 24K Collagen Intensive Rich Cream

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